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About the Research Center for Policy Sciences

Our Purpose

Our research center formerly operated as The Institute for Policy Sciences, which closed its operations at the end of March 2008. Currently, we continue part of our former mission at The Institute for Future Technology (IFTECH), as The Research Center for Policy Studies. Guided by a new set of principles and an updated framework, we conduct pragmatic research in science, technology, and innovation policy. Our results are used to promote cutting edge businesses and government policy.

A thorough investigation of new think tank models best suited for the current state of our information society yielded the "network platform" design. Valuing cooperation, our team of knowledgeable personnel capitalizes on the expertise of network-oriented researchers throughout the world, in the process helping train a new generation of researchers.

Our Work

Our core activities include inviting influential people from around the world who are at the forefront of science, technology and innovation policy. These experts debate current issues, and are introduced to Japanese policymakers from funding agencies. Together they promote the integration of knowledge and experience of various stakeholders to reach a greater goal.

Recently, amidst a trend where focus has shifted from R&D evaluation to a comprehensive evaluation of policy, we have expanded our sights as well, into fields directly related to policy formulation and Japan-wide program implementation.

Of note, our Center co-hosts the Policy Evaluation Intersectorial Workshop, combining the talents of energetic policy managers and researchers to cultivate a new type of expert in evaluation science. Open to the public at no cost, this workshop began in 2001 in collaboration with Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT) and The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management (JSSPRM), and was designed to create an opportunity for exchanging knowledge paramount in today's society.

Our team advocates policy for the real world to key policymakers and business leaders, furthering the best suited awareness of policy and the policy making process for our time, as well as evaluation methods rooted in this awareness. These are developed through thorough investigations, whose methods and structure are firmly grounded in Systems theory.

Our Team

Platform Steering Committee

Ryo Hirasawa
Vice President, The Institute for Future Technology; Professor Emeritus,Tokyo University

Hiroyuki Torii
Trustee, The Institute for Future Technology

Kazuhiko Ohkuma
Trustee, The Institute for Future Technology; Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Masaru Chiba
Chief Researcher, The Institute for Future Technology

Center Researchers

Masaru Chiba
Chief Researcher

Kei Kawashima
Senior Researcher

Takaki Noro
Researcher (Currently on loan to The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Keiichiro Tahara

Shiho Hamada

Adam Lobel

Mayuko Takahashi
Research Supporter

Research Areas

・Dissemination of methodology research in policy planning and evaluation.
・Investigative research of science and technology institutions and systems.
・Planning and operational support for realizing a sustainable society.
・Strategic planning using backcasting for energy, food, and other resource management.
・Urban and regional planning for a sustainable society.

Network Platform

Applying the "network platform" think tank model in our research began at our inception (and previous incarnation) as The Institute for Policy Sciences, and continues strong today. In our current form as the Research Center for Policy Sciences at IFTECH, we cooperate with influential researchers from other organizations to form a network platform consisting of a wealth of mutually beneficial partnerships useful in tackling complex research projects and training a younger generation of researchers.